Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Worrying More About Pains

My dad thinks my belly pains are just because of my weight. It does go away when I walk, but I'm watching my temperature. I pray every night that's not something serious. I'm really worried about it. I've had them for a month so anyone can see why I'm worried.

Now it's a bit after noon. I feel better. Pain is not so bad, since I've been walking, but I have nausea and I don't really feel like eating. I'm trying not to drink any tea today. For a southern girl that's going to be hard. We live on the stuff and I don't mean some Yankee tea, I mean some good ole southern iced tea. You in the south know what I'm talking about. My dad refuses to drink decaf, I do have some, so I'm stuck with regular. I could make it by the glass, but why bother.

Anyway, I’ve got some new books to read from my local library. There are all Christmas books by Debbie Macomber. I fell in love with The Snow Bride, the first book I read by her, and The Forgetful Bride. I’ll write what I think about the book here. I think I may start a blog on Romance novels. I read them and then tell you what I think. Hmm. I’ll need to think about it.

Well last night and early this morning, I was watching Julie & Julia. I really liked it. I cried when I saw Ground Zero in the movie. It’s a sweet story. And Julie is a bit like me, I think. I wrote a novel, but I haven’t done a thing with it. Anyway, I suggest if you want an uplifting story rent it. I’ll try to find a copy of the book at my local library. I know this about me, Julie, I would have never patience to do what you did.

Well with my almost two weeks of summer break, I plan to work on Chapter 5 of Persephone. It’s giving a bit of trouble, but I know that I’ll figure it out. It’s been at least a week since I updated so I know I need to get going, but no one can blame me for wanting just a tiny little bit to read books.

I’m thinking that’s all for now. I may come on again before bed, but I don’t think so, since bedtime may be very soon. So until next time.

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