Thursday, August 19, 2010

Frist Day Of Fall Term

Well I got to campus and got a new parking decal. I didn’t get as close to the building where my classes are as I had hoped to, but I got relatively close. I then went to the library and looked things up for my Geography class for around ninety minutes. I then went to MCM 100. The campus bookstore still does not have the book. It will be awhile till it comes in. I can’t get it till the end of the month anyway; I have to wait for my check. He let us out early and I went back to my car and ate lunch, one of those big lunchables, but a classic one. I then went back to the library. I worked on an assignment he gave us. I feel like I’m finished with it, but I’ll go over it again before the next class. I then wrote a bit for my blogs. I’m still thinking about the recipe blog, but I haven’t heard word on it. If you think it’s a good idea please tell me.

I had a Dew, but I didn’t drink it till after my World Lit class. It was the only caffeine I had all day. I’m still having a bit of pain, but it comes and goes. It’s not too bad. I may try and work on Persephone while I have the break, but I plan to use the first ninety or so minutes after I get to campus for GEO 100 and use the next one for ENG 271. I don’t plan to buy these books since the library has them. I don’t have to pay almost $200 for each book. I only have to buy the book for MCM 100. I need to do something with the school paper, but I can’t do it this term. I may try to get in on it next term. It’s a requirement for my major.

My GEO 100 class has everything due on Fridays so I don’t think it will mess with my other classes. I don’t have a syllabus for MCM 100, yet. It’s because of the books and the fact that the professor is just now teaching this class. I will be reading and doing the assignments on the days I have class. I only have to answer a few questions at least for Chapter 1. I’m going to work on it a bit this week and then next week I’ll read Chapter 1 next week.

World Lit I seems it might be easier than my online classes. I only really have to write one big paper and it’s at the end of the term. I have to get a folder with prongs, but that’s not too bad. I do have to get the textbook though. I had planned not to get it, but she hinted that we would really need it. The first thing we are going to read is The Iliad. I plan to read it when I got back to campus.

I went to the library on my way home. I checked out a few books. I got a few about college and some romance novels.

I was barely home before I had to run off and get my brother from school. We got home and I started on making the greens beans for dinner. I then went down to the basement and played Sims 3 until about 6. I then finished supper and then after eating went back down and played some more Sims 3 until the game crashed. Thank goodness not much had happened.

Tomorrow I plan to get my folder. It shouldn’t cost me much. I also have to get one last thing to get for my brother.

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