Monday, August 9, 2010

Getting Ready For Going Back To School

Well since school is about to start up soon. For me it’s next week. I thought I would look up on the net some info to help with my studying. I’ll be taking two classes on campus and an online class.


Well I’ve been doing some research, but for me it’s somewhere quiet. A lot of people recommend the school library. For me that’s not good. I’ll go to the campus library when I have classes, but if I can’t find somewhere at home, which I won’t because we don’t have a kitchen table and my desk doesn’t have enough room, I plan to go to my local library. I can use the computers there, as long as they are working.

I can listen to music as I study as long as I have my mp3 and at the campus library I can have a drink as long as it has a top that closes.


I personally record my classes with a recorder, because sometimes I miss something. I make a mark in my notes as to where the mistake happened and then relisten to the class as I type up my notes. I don’t have a laptop, so this is way I do it. I do it this way mostly because the test will be typed and not hand written. It gets me psychologically ready for the test. If I had a laptop I would take it to class and use it to type up my notes.


I’m going to use a zipper binder or trapper keeper to those who remember. I plan to have a section for each class and to hole punch all handouts. I plan to even though I’m only using one binder to stay very organized. I did it back in high school and I was organized even though I used only one binder. I may use notebooks, not a laptop, down the line if the binder is too heavy. It actually almost fills my entire backpack. I only got a pack that cost about $9 so it might not last the year.

Also I have two planners. I have one that is a daily planner, so I can enter homework assignments and what not, and a monthly one. I put down when everything is due in both. I also have a large desk calendar that’s in my room on my closet door. I do the same for it. It class is in a different color, so I know what class has something due just by the color.

This is just my way of doing things. Everyone has his or her own way.

Below are two websites, but there are countless more you can use to help you.


Still taking my meds, except I'm not taking the pain pills mostly because of the side effects and I'm not having much pain anymore. One of the side effects of both is diarrhea and I've got it. I can't take anything for it, so I'll have to deal with it. I'm watching it and me. If it gets too bad, I'll call my doctor.

Today I had to accidents and had to change my underwear. I am feeling better. I got As in both my classes. Yeah. So I’m doing good. I’m going to be drinking a lot of apple juice. So thanks for the well wishes.

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