Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dear Abby - Girlfriend Helping Boyfriend With Homework

This was the topic of a Dear Abby letter. I’ve included the link. It was replies about a letter a few weeks ago from a girl who was helping her boyfriend with his homework. Now she never said if she did it for him or was showing him examples like it, but it got some replies. As a future teacher, well at least it’s my major right now, I can see where a good many teacher would get upset, but what if he is really having some trouble.

I can remember back in high school where in my Pre-Cal class we spent most of the class going over our homework. She didn’t check to see if it was right, but she did see if we tired. She would then go over it and if we had any problems she would do the assignment on the board. It really helped.

I did have a teacher who didn’t care if you did your homework or not, but come the next day you were going to have a quiz on the subject. So it made you do the homework.

My major is in English. I personally can’t see why anyone needs help with it. It’s the same thing you learned the year before, and the year before, and the year before. The reading I can see. But I see nothing wrong in someone helping someone else to understand something. Now if the person’s grades don’t improve because of it, then you know the person, the one helping, is doing the work for them.

When I become a teacher, I very well might try and set up a buddy system where students can help each other out on assignments if they need the help.


I finished the cranberry juice last night. So all I have now is apple juice and water, which won’t last long. I have to get a new 3-quart bottle almost every other day or so.

I’ve got only tomorrow left on the antibiotic. I can’t wait to get off of them. I think the diarrhea is over. I haven’t had an episode of it. I am going more than once, but things look normal.

I had my spicy shrimp stir-fry for lunch. I have thought about starting another blog about all of the recipes that I have come up with. I haven’t decided yet. I don’t really measure anything. So it would be hard to convert them into recipes. I mostly just throw things together.

Well starting in two weeks, I will be eating lunch at campus. I plan to take a Lunchable. It is because of the way my schedule is. I have an entire class period, about 2 hours (including the 15 minute between classes), so I plan to eat on campus since I’ll be on campus at my lunchtime. I can’t eat in the library so I’ll go to the end of the building and find a table and eat there. I will then go to the library. I’m going to see how things go with the whole using the textbooks in the library goes. I am taking one online class, so it may not be bad for that class, but I may need to by the World Lit book.

I didn’t eat much at dinner, well for me it wasn’t much. I guess that’s all for today. Until tomorrow.

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