Monday, May 2, 2011

Project IV for MCM 102

Here is the article I wrote for MCM 102 about fan fiction. 

What is Fan Fiction?
As I sit down with pen and paper, I begin to think of how best to begin my newest work. How can I change something in one of my favorite movies? This work is not the next big thing in normal fiction, the type I need a publisher to get out to the world. No, this work is to be released on the internet, because this is a work of fan fiction. But most people do not know about this community online.
According to, fan means “an enthusiastic devotee, follower, or admirer of a sport, pastime, celebrity, etc.” Also, fiction is “the class of literature comprising works of imaginative narration.” So fan fiction is fiction based off of something that a person is a fan. This can be movies, television shows, music videos, books, comics, and video games, but there are some authors that do not allow fan fiction based on their works to be published online. Anne Rice, the writer of The Vampire Chronicles, is one such author.
One of the biggest websites for fan fiction is It has thousands of users, both as writers and readers. Of course there are people read fan fiction, but are not official users. So there is an known number of fans of the community. I personal am on this site, but it has allowed me to meet people all of the world.
Most of the fan fiction writers begin young. MidnightWalking states, “I started writing when I was in eighth grade, and I did it because I enjoyed it.” I began my writing in the fourth grade. The problem is that until I discovered I had no way to improve my writing. “I could write and post stories that others would read and send reviews on,” states MidnightWalking. Reviews are messages written by readers that express their opinion on the work and are posted for all to see.
But there is a dark side. Some writers and readers hide what they do. Some do not understand the love of fan fiction. For instance, Mickey Caresen states, “I don't really tell a lot of people that I read/write fanfiction, mostly because they think it's stupid.” Yes, we do take characters from works created by others, but we do things to them that some may not have thought of before.
Think of one of your favorite movies. Then think of one of the main plot points. What would happen if the main character choose something else then what they did? Would the ending be the same or would the ending be better in your mind? That's what fan fiction allows a person to do. It is the writers of fan fiction who create these alternate universes. It is we who create an ending for a movie that we wish had ended differently. The writers create sequels for movies that will never happen, but the fans wish existed.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sorry No updates in awhile

I've been busy and well I sorta forgot about this blog.  Mostly because no one seemed to be reading it.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Why no update this week, and Happy Thanksgiving

For readers of Once Upon A Tweet, I'm sorry that Monday came and you didn't see chapter 4 waiting for you.  I do have the chapter written.  I'll try to get it typed up and send to my beta during the weekend.  So look for it next week.  I have to put school first the last few weeks.  I have a F in one of my classes and I have to work to get it to a C or I'll have to retake it.  I may have to anyway.  I also have an Exam, Article Summary 3, and the final essay for ENG 271.  Then I have to this week type up my article for Project 3 in MCM 100.  I have one last test in that class.  Then I have to work on the Project and study for the final in GEO 100, this is the class with a F.  So I'm going to be busy.  I'll try to get out a short Christmas story to finish up the Halloween story, but well you'll have to wait and see.

Friday, November 5, 2010


I know I haven’t bloged in a long time.  Well I’ve been busy.  I got a 90 on my last Test in MCM 100 and I got a 91 on Project II.  I’ve gotten my Article Summary I up from a high B to a low A.  I got a 99 on my Middle Ages exam.

K.  I almost bloged yesterday.  I watched Oprah.  I normally don’t, but well when it says Backstreet boys I watch.  When I saw Kevin I almost cried.  It was great to see all five guys together.  I loved it when the audience cheered when Kevin sang his solo in “I want it that way”.  I have heard that song sung by them live in person only once, but it was worth it.  Later this month marks the anniversary of when I saw them in concert.  I felt like that 13 year old again, I was still 13 when I saw them, but it was for my 14th birthday.

Another thing.  I am a Gaga fan.  So when I heard about a college offering a class on her I was like what the ……  I really don’t think it would be a good idea.  A lot of people are taking classes thanks to the Feds, I know I am.  I have a class I would like to take, but my major wouldn’t cover it so sadly I can’t take it.  Any way, I think it’s a waste of time and money for the school.

Celeica Leigh
Aka Leigh_Audra
Aka Audra

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Morpheus – the Greek and Roman god of Dreams

It is said he could take the form of anyone in a dream.  Hmm.  Think on that.  So he’s not someone you want to mess with.  He is a leader.  Good.  Now I’m not going to give it away why he’s so willing to help Jareth.  You have to read the story to find that out, but I will give you a peek at him.  None of the artwork I have links to belongs to me.

This panting may seem familiar.  I used it for Kieran in The Return Of The Princess.  But they just seem to work for Morpheus as well.

So I hope that helps.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just Another Day of Rest

Well I took my brother to school this morning.  It was in the 40s people.  The 40s in October!  Then I came home.  I brought the dog back in and started my laundry.  I walked a bit and then fell asleep off and on till 1.  Had a lunch of Wild Rice and Chicken soup and grilled cheese.  Then typed up answers to the Mod 6.1 Questions for GEO 100.

I put this in an AN on a chapter of Persephone, but not on my blogs.  I’m on Twitter.  I’m CeleciaLeigh, which is my pen name.  Yeah, I know I’ve caved.  But I really just tweet about what I’m doing.  It’s not much.  It is actually easier in my opinion to just read my blog at the end of the day.  I may just use it to post about what’s going on with the stories.

I had to rework a bit of Chapter 15 today.  I had to make it easy for the readers to understand that it was taking place at sunset.  I’m getting ready to start on the love scene, well Chapter.  This is the big one.  I really only do one pre story if I do it.  I can gladly blame Teresa Medeiros.  She’s my favorite romance author.  Of course I’m following her on Twitter now.  I doubt she’s following me.

Anyway, there are still people picking up kids at the civic center.  So unless a cop comes and tells us to no longer park there, or we get something from the school, I and I think others will still go there.  Of course I’m getting there later so I’m not parked there for too long.

K.  For dinner, I had a chicken breast and two roasted potatoes.  I used olive oil and some rosemary and spices.  I liked it.  I also made, for my dad and brother, mashed potatoes and green beans (I make theirs with bacon and the beans are cooked till mush.  I don’t like it this way.  I like them to still be a bit crunchy.).  My dad didn’t like the food, so he made him some bacon and eggs.  My brother liked everything but the chicken.  Ah.  I can’t please them.  Tomorrow night is Chicken noodle soup.  Hopefully it turns out good.

Well lunch tomorrow is another salad and Capri sun lemonade.  I will have another diet Dew with me.  It’ll probably last all day like the last one.  Well that’s all for today.  Until next time.

Celeica Leigh
Aka Audra

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day of Classes

I woke up at around midnight with belly pain. It went away. I feel better now at 9:09 am. I took some Gas X. I got some sleep.

 No real pain. It did show, but it came and went. Mostly I've been fine. I am hurting once again in my lower right belly. It's the same old pain. Nothing new. I did think it might have something to do with the sub I had yesterday for lunch. I think the last time I had the pain this bad was when I had a sub. Oh, well. Lunch today is a salad. I'll eat it near noon.

My MCM 100 professor has added something to Project II. He wants a written info on who I'm interviewing and what's the subject. I can do it. He wants to know where it took place. Well lets see. At my home using yahoo instant messenger, but I'll say phone.

I just have to get together with her and work on it.

I worked on chapter 15 of my work. I'm typing it up now. I still need to type up my ENG 271 Notes, but I'll do it on thursday. I worked on my GEO 100 project. I stopped when I said I'm heading to Eygpt. I can't find a flight from St. Petersburg Russia to Cario. I need one, I may just make up a flight. If I get it done on Thursday, then I've up todate on where we are in the chapters.

K. My English Professor has it now where when we get to class we now have a quiz. She wants to be sure we are reading the works. Not much else to report there.

So when I was coming home, the road I come home on was blocked. So I had to turn around and go the other way.

I paid the cable, internet, bill. Then picked up my brother.