Monday, August 16, 2010

Job Search News And Other Things

Well after I last posted on Saturday, I applied online for a job. I’m going to give it a few days and then I’ll go to the store and see about it. So wish me luck.

Not much happened yesterday so I didn’t post.

Today not much, but some stuff did happen. I was going to go do the grocery shopping, but I couldn’t find the money, so I stayed at home. I had barely enough gas to take my brother to and from school. He may have to walk tomorrow.

For my fanfic fans, I’m typing up what I have of chapter 5 so far for Persephone. I just now starting Jareth’s part of the chapter, that’s all I say about it, so don’t ask.

I’m having pains, but they are same. I think drinking the decaf tea isn’t really helping. As soon as I can I’ll get some apple juice and cranberry. I’m doing what I can. It’s not too bad. Other wise I’m fine.

I start the fall term later this week. I have to be sure to get my lunch for the first and only day this week. I’ll get my drink for class before I leave for campus.

Things will change once I have a job. I won’t be able to write as much. I’m only looking for part time jobs so it might help. I’m a ¾ student this term. Mostly I’ve been going only ½ time.

Anyway, I’m good. So until next time.

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