Saturday, August 7, 2010

Doctor's Visit Finally

After I posted last night, I watched Alice in Wonderland again. I still think it needs a sequel. I came down to my computer and looked at the comments left on Persephone and on my spark people blog. I then closed down my computer and went back up to my room to get some sleep.

I woke up at about 5:10 this morning. I really didn’t have any pain. Before 6, I had a glass of tea, but that’s all I allowed myself. Pain started to show up in back and then belly slowly. I decided that even if the pain was gone I was going to the doctor. You don’t hurt for a month for nothing. I still had nausea.

I don’t even know if anyone is reading any of this. Oh, well. I’ll keep writing.

K. I went to the doctor. After getting weigh, came in at 179, and poked and peed in a cup. Guess what the problem has been…. Come on guess? I have……an…..urinary track infection. I can tell you now they are not fun. I have to take a pill twice a day for week. He also gave me something for pain. I think I might have done that with cleaning out Buddy’s 2 ½ tank twice a week. So he may need to live in his gallon bowl for a while, which is not good, but I need a break for my back.

I am glad that it is not something more serious. Thanks to everyone who prayed and to those who commented on my various other sites. I’ll try to be back on them as soon as I can.

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