Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day At The Lake

Well I worked a bit on Chapter 5 for my fanfic fans. It’s almost done, but I’m working on the good part now. Today I went up to the Lake. I won’t say more than that. It was a family thing. Almost everyone on my dad’s side was there. We were only missing I say a few. I swam, but mostly I just talked. We had some thunderstorms so I only swam a bit. That’s why I’m so late in posting today.

Where I live finally got some rain. It was pouring when we left this morning. Thanks to the Tropical Depression 5.

I thought I would post this now. I’m looking for my first job. I’m trying to find something in the town I live in now, so since I have to work nights it won’t be such a long drive. I’ll soon be filling out applications and doing my best.

So that’s all for today. Until next time.

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