Friday, September 24, 2010

Quick little AN

Well I posted an AN, author's note, on Persephone.  I explained how busy I have been with school and the fact I'm having an exam and doing the article summary this coming week.  I'll try to post an update soon.  I do plan to work on Chapter 12, I just can't do it at the moment, even though I want to.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The First Day of Fall

Well this morning I made my brother and me bacon and cheese biscuits.  I got a fairly good parking space today.  I’m pretty close to the building I’m in all day.  I went to the library and typed up the two sections of the article for today.  I am already on the 3rd page.  I still have two more to do and one is really long.  I’ve already gone in and looked to see if there was anything I could remove, and not affect the summary of the article so I don’t go over five pages.

K.  I finally have Test 1 and Project 1 back in MCM 100.  I got an 88/100 on Test 1 and a C+ on Project 1.  He really went on about the fact I didn’t have a quote from a bookstore manager.  Not my fault.  I had tried to contact him, but he never replied to my email.  I feel that if you have given out your email, then you should answer it.  Oh, well.  I’ll post the article I wrote maybe tomorrow.  Well now that we have had our first test, my MCM 100 professor has decided to do open book pop quizzes.  I guess it cause so many of us aren’t paying attention to him since he isn’t really doing anything.  Some are reading the book, others are writing notes from the book, and some are doing other classes’ work.
So after class, which was let out early, like 10 minutes or something.  I went to the library and typed up more of my blog, which is above.  I did debate working on the article summary, but I plan to use the time before ENG 271 to study.

K.  In GEO 100, Quiz 2 opens today.  I plan to take it tomorrow.  I have already turned in the Chapter 5 Review Questions.  I need to work on the Class Project. The project is a trip around the world, money is no object.  I have to visit every section of the world that is covered in my book.  I have my theme.  I’m going with locations of movies.  I plan to go from here to New York, New York.  I will of course visit Ground Zero and the Statue of Liberty.  Then I plan to go to Europe, mostly because it was the first area covered.  I plan to go to either Greece or Italy.  These are two places I really want to go.  I am of course half Italian American so it kinda makes sense.  Then I have to go to Russia.  I will say I went to St. Petersburg or whatever it’s called now.  Blame Anastasia, the Fox movie.  Then I have to decide where I go from there.  I can’t remember right now which area is next.  I have a rough outline.  I plan to go to India, Egypt, Australia, Madagascar, Peru, and Thailand.  I was going to do ancient religions or cultures, but that didn’t’ really work.  I could still do it, but the movie idea works a bit better.

You can all tell me what you think.  I will post a bit of it every now and then.  It’s due in December, but I want to be finished with it before I have to start working on my final essay in ENG 271.  I have a good question, who really thinks that someone can write a 3-5 page paper in two days.  I mean I could, but I like to stretch it out so that it’s not too much on me.  I’ll be finished with this one before Monday.  I’m still studying for the Exam on Ancient World.  I have filled out my index card.  I picked things that I know for sure will be on the exam and some things I may have a hard time remembering.  I will of course tell you all how this all goes.

K. So I went to the library orientation my ENG 271 professor made us go to.  I sat through something that I already knew.  Then we went into the library.  I found out that the article that I have so much done for isn’t going to work.  So now I have a new one and I’m going to work on it.

Also I have to take the quiz, which I changed to today instead of tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Last Day of Summer

Well today I started on the article summary.  I should have the summary part finished in two more days.  Then I have to do my response.  I’m hoping that the summary takes up most of the 3-5 pages.  I don’t have much to reposed to the article.  So far I agree with it completely.  I have six parts to cover and I’ve already done the first two.  So tomorrow while at campus I’ll do the next two and then on Friday I’ll do the last two and work on the response over the weekend.  It’s not due till next Thursday, but I feel better knowing that it is done ahead of time.

On another English 271 note, my first “exam” will be on Tuesday, next week, so I’ve printed out my notes and I’ve started to study.  She’s allowing us one 4x6 index card, only one side, for information.  I’m wishing I had just taken this class online.  I would have to write two big papers, but that would be fine cause I would have quizzes and I would have tests that were open book.

I’ve got a rough outline for the GEO 100 project.  I just need to start the research part.

I’ll let you all know about the Test and Project I in MCM 100, when I get info on them.

Well I pooped three times today.  And the last two ended up mushy.  I think it had to be all the apple juice I have been drinking today.  My dad says it makes you go.

Had a little pain in belly today, but not too bad.  My right ankle is still bugging me.  I think it might be tendonitis.  I could ask my cousin.  She is going to school to be a physical therapist.  She would know.

Anyway, that’s all for today.  I may start telling you all what’s going on with my Sims from Sims 3.  I just killed off the parents and had their daughter with her husband get a big house so that his mother could move in with them.  I’m planning to make them have triples so they’ll need all the help they can get.

Monday, September 20, 2010

May Know What's Wrong

Not much to report today.  Except I may have found out what’s wrong with me.  I got some GasX.  Well it seems that all I have had is gas.  I’m not 100% convinced yet, but I’ll give it a few days.

It would be really bad if all it was gas.  If it is I feel really bad.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

From Thursday to Sunday

Well I haven’t posted in the last few days since nothing has really happened.  Not much happened today either, but I figured I would let you all know what’s going on.  I got the bill from St. Vincent’s.  It’s over $2,000.  That doesn’t include the $400 and something bill for the CT scan.  So I have to call and try to set up a payment plan.  Anyway, still having pain, but it’s not bad.  It’s just annoying.

Oh, on Thursday, I took my first test in MCM 100.  It wasn’t too bad.  Also I turned in my article.  I never heard back from the manager so I had to write it without him.  I didn’t lie.  I used information I gained by looking at the bookstore website.  The next project is a recording.  So I have to think about what I’m going to do that on.

Well you all know about ENG 271 so I wont’ say anything there.

Mostly for the last few days I’ve been playing Sims 3.  I’ve started on the questions for Chapter 5 in GEO 100.  Also I’m looking over things for the quiz this week in the class.

I haven’t worked on Persephone since I last updated.  I did finally clean up my room on Saturday, aka yesterday.

Not much else to tell you all.  So hope you have a good week.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I have a few things to vent out today.  I'll go in order that the happened in.

1. In ENG 271, we were once again covering The Aeniad.  Well in it brings up Cassandra.  You know the priestess that Apollo cursed where no one would believe her because she refused to be his bride.  Well someone brought her up and I was trying to explain that little fact, which by the way is in the book, and I got hushed.  She did apologize after class, but I felt like that it was useless.  Cassandra plays a part in what happens to the Greeks.  Because Ajax the lesser rapes her in the temple of Athena, Athena punishes the Greeks.

2. When a county is going to do work on a dead end street, they need to warn the residents.  When I came home from campus at about 2:00 pm, I had to wait for them to move a bulldozer.  I did see someone paint on the yards and things yesterday, but there was no warning.  Did they not think that someone could come home?  I was really worried cause the car was about to over heat and I really needed to get back home.  I almost parked in my yard, but we do have a small ditch.  Not good for my little car.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

10 Gal Set Up

Well took my brother to school.  Then came back home and washed clothes.  Played Sims 3 till finished.  Then went to Hobby Lobby and got the cover for Buddy’s tank.  Then went to wal-mart and got me two pairs of jeans.  I can’t fit in my 16s in anymore.  Then got me a footlong from subway.  Then came home ate, sub and study for test tomorrow.

Then started on Buddy’s tank and changing the water in his bowl.  The 10 gal is all set up.  I may have to get a new heater.  Great.  I can’t put him in it until the tank is cycled, which could take up to a month or more.

Not much else to say for today.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Golden Arrows - Persphone Chapter 11

What are the golden arrows?  Well we all know that Cupid, Eros, used arrows to make others fall in love, well those were the golden arrows.  The lead arrows were used to make hate.  Simple isn’t it.

Jareth’s parents.  I won’t go too far into detail about them.  I plan to cover more about them in the story.  I still don’t have a name for his stepfather yet.  I’m trying to decide on that.  Anyway Volupta was a name for Eros and Psyche’s daughter.  I had a list and chose the one that sounded like someone who would name their son Jareth.  And yes his father name is Greek.  It means honorable.  So that tells you a bit about him.

In this chapter we learned a bit about Jareth’s past.  His mother left him behind because she had become madly in love with someone.  Hmm.  That sounds familiar.  Yes Jareth sees a bit of himself in Toby, but he is really like Sarah.  Both have a parent who doesn’t care about them anymore.  This of course hasn’t happened to me in real life.  Which I have to say makes me lucky.

Well this is chapter 11 and I have 20 planned.  So we now have six days left.

Class Before Test

Well got to campus.  Typed up my article for MCM 100 and then my notes for ENG 271.  Went to class.  Sat there bored.  I’ve noticed that a few people are actually doing work from other classes in this class since he isn’t really teaching us anything.

Then after that class, I typed up what I had written for Chapter 11 in MCM 100 and finished it.  Then I went to ENG 271.  We’re starting The Aeneid.

The guy came to look at the AC, but it seems to be fine.  I got Buddy a 10 gal tank now.  I have to get something to put on the top.  I still need a kit, but I have a plan to get it.

Monday, September 13, 2010

A Day Of Cleaning

Well I should mention that I got no sleep last night.  I did take a maybe 90 min nap.  We cleaned the house mostly today.  I did get Buddy’s filter.  Now I need to get ready to cycle his tank.  I wrote the essay I needed for ENG 271.  Tomorrow I’ll write my article.

Not much to report today.

Oh, wait.  The AC seems to be working, but the guy is coming tomorrow to look at it.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Sunday With No AC

Pooped twice early this morning.  Everything looked normal in color. 

I slept late again, not good.  AC still seems to be out.  We need a new thermostat and my dad went and got one.  Now the guy that we get to come and check out our system is coming to tomorrow.  I think this is the big one.

Oh, I figured I would live you a link to my recipes blog.  There is only one recipe, but I plan to post others.  I just haven’t written up yet.

I plan to redo my Chicken curry, but I need to make it so I can remember what goes in it.

I know it’s still September, but we’re already coming up with our Christmas lists.  It’s easy for my brother.  For me not so much.  See I don’t really want much.  Now before you go all well that’s nice.  See I would like a laptop for school.  I don’t want one under $500, mainly cause I found one right there that has all I want.  I just know how my family will react to the request.  I really don’t want anything else.  Once they had offered to get me one, but my dad talked them out of it.  Now I would really like one.  I still plan to write my notes, but I can go to the library and I’ll always have a computer and not have to sit and wait for a computer to open up.

Anyway, I posted a blog before this just about my writing of Chapter 10.  I’m doing that for my reading so they can read what’s going on with the stories and not have to if they don’t want to see what’s going with me.  

No real pain today.  A bit in my back, but not too bad.

Well that’s all for today.

Persephone - Chapter 10

Oh, I’m reworking things a bit.  I thought I would explain a bit more about how the Underground was created and why.  It’ll be coming up in a later chapter.  I promise it will help you all understand.  I hope.  I know there is another story on that using the Greek gods are the creators of the Underground, but mine will be a bit different.

I have hinted at a past in event in this chapter.  The idea is to help explain things about the creation of the Underground and everything and also explain why Jareth didn’t want the High King brought up.  It will work wonderfully I hope.

I may go back and rework some of the story to fit into my new story, but it might work as is.  I have to think about it.  Anyway, I plan for there to be 20 chapters at least.  So with Chapter 10 we’re almost there, but of course things can change.  I’ll tell you more of my thinking at a later time.

Now if you would please leave me a comment on what you think about the info given here on the story.

Oh, I’ve yet to decide if I will do a Halloween story this year.  I may do a Christmas one.  It all depends on what’s going on with me.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11/10, 9 years later

9 years today.  9 years “since the world stopped turning.”  It’s nine years later and yes there is still a hole in lower Manhattan, but slowly the Freedom tower, or Tower 1, is rising.  We’ve rebuilt the Pentagon, but can we really move on.  We cannot forget what happened that day.  We need to watch the footage day after day so we don’t forget it.  I feel sometimes there are people who want to forget, but we can’t.  We can’t because of the innocent people lost that day.  Those who were just going to work, those who were just flying to go to California, and we can’t forget the children on those planes.  Yes I know some of you may not agree with everything I say, but I have the right to say it.  I’m just saying what I feel and trying not to go too far. 

Allow me to tell you all that day for me.

I was in the gym of my high school, the first bell had just rung, when the first plane it.  I then went to Algebra I.  We didn’t have a TV in the room so we worked on our work, but when I got to World History, I almost cried as watched the towers fall in the replay.

I didn’t see it happen as so many did that day, but I felt it just the same.  I knew someone in high school who lost family that day.  So it did touch me in away.  I still remember listening to “Where Were You As The World Stop Turning?” for the first time.  I cried and I still do.

I know that some people don’t like George W. Bush, but he did say something that was of great comfort.  We all remember his speech on the pile of rumble at Ground Zero on 9/14/01.  So please allow me to quote him.

“I can hear you! I can hear you! The rest of the world hears you! And the people -- and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon!”

I don’t care what party you are.  We must remain strong against those who caused this country a great pain; because we made a promise to those we lost that day.  Four words that we cannot forget.  WE WILL NEVER FORGET

I have included links to the speech and videos I will play today.  Of course I will listen to our National Anthem as I have since 9/11/02.  This how I remember that day.  GOD BLESS THE USA!

Remember this is a day to remember.  It does not matter what party you belong to, we are all Americans and we must all join together to defeat our enemy.


I slept till almost 3 pm again.  The AC seems to be broken, again.  No fever.  I’m having a bit of pain, but nothing too bad.  If it feels like TOM pains then I’ll be worried.  Played SIMS 3, worked on Chapter 4 questions.  Also I worked on Chapter 10.  I’ll try to get it posted tomorrow.  I took Quiz 1 for GEO 100.  I know I missed one question.

That’s really all for today.

Friday, September 10, 2010

12 Years Since My Life Changed For The Better

12 years.  12 years of what.

For me it has been 12 years since I became a Backstreet boys' fan.  I can still remember that night.  I watched them perform “Everybody (Backstreet’s back).”  That night I became a fan.  I’ve followed them since then.  I missed them the five years they didn’t have an album.  I was so happy in 2005 when they came out with a new one.  I miss Kevin, but for some reason it doesn’t feel as bad as when Geri left the Spice girls.  Maybe it’s because I had only been a fan of them for a few months and not years, like with BSB.

I know the group isn’t as popular as they once were, but to me they are still important.  Their music helped me through a lot of the hard times.  So thanks guys for everything, of course you may never read this, but that’s ok.  All five of you helped me when I needed it.

I’m quoting Kevin, with this.  He once said this, but I may not have it just right, but it made since to me and still does.  Kevin, sorry if I get it wrong, this is just how I remember it.

“I would rather have people turn to our music versus drugs.”

For me they were my drug.  I would listen to them everyday after school to make me feel better.

I was picked on for a very long time.  I think it finally stopped in eighth grade.  I really didn’t have friends.  I was alone.  I would make sorta friends, but they really only lasted the year.  I had been hurt too many times even back then.  So I didn’t let people get real close to me, I still don’t.  My mother is one of the reasons now.


I took my brother to school.  I came home and walked a bit.  I then checked my emails.  I went on to my online class and asked about the quiz.  Then I worked a bit on Chapter 9 for Persephone.  Then I slept off and on till around 2:30.  I got my brother and worked on Chapter 9 some more.  Cooked supper.  Then worked on the chapter again.  Then came down to the basement and typed up what happened to me today as well as to start typing up Chapter 9.

I’ll try to take Quiz 1 for GEO 100 tomorrow.  I’ll study till then.  I hope to have Chapter 9 up and running tonight.  I need to rework Chapter 8 a bit.  I had a few typos.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Thursday Classes After ER

Well I went to class today.  During my first hour in the library, I typed up all of my ENG 271 notes.  Then during MCM 100, I wrote most of Chapter 8 for Persephone.  Then during my second hour in the library, I finished it and updated the story.  Then in ENG 271 we covered Seneca.  I need to type up the notes and do the journal entry for it.  I came home and played Sims 3 for 30 mins.  Then went and got my brother.  Then came home and played Sims 3 for maybe an hour.  Made tacos, took my shower and came down stairs to type this up.  After posting to my blogs, I will begin typing up my GEO 100 work for the week.  Then I’ll go up to my room and study for the quiz I’ll be taking tomorrow.

The bump I believe is unchanged.  The only pain I had for most of the day was in my left hip.  I took some Tylenol during classes to help with it.  I felt pretty much felt fine except for the few times I had pain.  I have been having pain to the upper left of my belly button a bit lately.  It comes and goes.  I’m really tired and that’s all because of yesterday.  I didn’t get much sleep last night because of the naps.  Well that’s all for now.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Weekly Day of Rest 9/8/10

Well, I took my brother to school.  Then I came home.  I watched TV.  Then I did a bad thing.  I let myself sleep off and on till 2.  Then I started on my GEO 100 work.  I got mostly finished.  Then went and got my brother from school.  Then started the green beans for supper.  Played Sims 3 for an hour.  Then cooked the potatoes and chicken for supper.  Then watched TV as I reorganized my new binder, changed purses, and read Seneca.  Then took my shower.  Finally I came down to type this up.  So that’s today in a nutshell.  No real pain today.  The bump really isn’t sore anymore.  I think it’s about the same as yesterday so no photos to post.

Oh, wait.  My aunt called telling me about the episode of Dr. Oz she was watching about back pain.  She repeated that it could be because of my weight.  She said I should watch it.  I then told her that where we live the show had already aired, Dr. Oz comes on at 11 am. for where I live.  I told her about the bump being smaller.  That was really all we talked about.

About the professor in MCM 100, I’m guessing it’s going to be the book.  I have it now.  The cheapest book I got was $50 or so.  The other two were over $100 and there is a good chance they won’t buy back one of them.  One of the girls mentioned that sometimes when we ask a question he goes around it.  He’s so like my THR 120 from over the summer term.  At least this time there will be tests.  Oh, I appeared to not be renting the two books I thought I was.  I paid full price, so I guess I’ll get the money back at the end of term.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I wore my mineral makeup for the first time today. It didn’t feel like I was wearing anything.

I got my textbooks finally. I spent $400 on all three, and I’m renting two of them. I couldn’t find the book for MCM 100 for rent. So after getting my textbooks, I went to the library and read what I needed for MCM 100.
In MCM 100, a few aren’t happy that the professor doesn’t really cover the text. He takes most of the class time talking about news articles that he ends up passing around. I don’t read. Today he talked about a radio program that was on Friday. Well you all know what was going on with me on Friday. Like I was going to listen to a radio show. Then he passed out an ad for a Kindle. Like I was going to look at it. Then he began talking about newspapers.

I did have some pain. It was around the bump, my left side, and my left lower back. It wasn’t too much.

Then I had lunch and went into the library. I read what I needed for ENG 271 and then got on a computer to get notes ready for it. I then started to have a pain in my upper left belly, above my belly button. I took it fairly easy.

We covered The Republic by Plato. I have another entry to do. I plan to do it tomorrow. Also I plan to do my GEO 100 work tomorrow as well.

I got home and relaxed before I went and got my brother. I fixed Chili for dinner. At about 6 pm, I pooped and I’m glad to say that it looked normal. So glad that’s over.

Well that’s all. Oh, wait. I have pictures to show how the bump as gotten smaller.


This Morning

Monday, September 6, 2010

2010 Labor Day

After I posted yesterday, I update Persephone. I’m working on chapter 7 now. I had to ask help from my old beta. I thought that I was making Jareth just a little too nice and she agreed. Can’t have him too nice yet. It’s too soon.

I’m going to classes tomorrow. I feel a little pain, but nothing major. Oh, I’ve reread the information the ER doctor gave me. He says to go back to my medical doctor. Well, lets see. They’re the ones who said if I wasn’t better to go to the ER, and not to a gastroenterologist. What help are they going to be. Of course if I have a hernia, they may be able to find it.

I pooped around midnight. It’s still dark, but no stringing. Could I still be getting rid of Pepto from a few days ago, or is it the meds they gave me in the ER? The only thing odd about it is the color. I know it’s gross, but I have to watch these things for info to give to doctors. If it doesn’t clear up soon, I’ll mention it to my dad.

I got groceries. I’m still trying to take it easy. I changed everything in my oldish binder to my newer one. I’ll be getting my books tomorrow. I plan to give the two girls who said they would take notes for me my school email so that they can email them to me.

I really do think the bump is getting smaller, but it’s still there.

I wrote my journal entry for ENG 271, it didn’t take me long. I’ve decided to buy all three books. That way if something happens I have all three, also I can use the book for GEO 100 to help me study.

Well, that’s all for today.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Full Day After ER Visit

Last night when I pooped, it stung. It still looks like I’m getting rid of Pepto. I slept in again, but not as late as yesterday. I had some pain in my belly. It’s still in my left side, but also I had some in a line with my belly button in the middle. The bump is still there, but it doesn’t feel like it has before. My right arm is still sore from the IV. I read a story I copied from to my old mp3 player, which seems to have disappeared from, A'Chomraich, I can’t remember who wrote it. I really liked it and I used an idea from it in my very popular The Return of The Princess.

Any way, I worked on Chapter 6 of Persephone early this morning. I plan to work on it a bit more. Actually I may decide that it’s finished and typed it up tonight. If I do that it will be short, but I feel that it’s the perfect place to stop. I will be nice and tell you all that Jareth does have a timeline in which he has to do something or he’ll lose Sarah forever.

I promise to update if anything major happens. I have yet to decide about classes on Tuesday. I would like to go and get my textbooks. Also I really do think I have a pinched nerve, sometimes when I’m at my computer my hands will go numb and I’m using them. Also at times I’ve had my foot go to sleep and I was just sitting in my chair like normally, but of course this doesn’t not explain the bump on my belly.

Oh, I’ve posted my first reply to a letter on my bunny blog, and also I posted my first recipe. So check it out. Oh, and if you go or are on my main blog and not my spark blog, please leave a comment. I would really like to hear from you all.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Last night I went to the ER at St. Vincent’s, after waiting hours, I finally got back into a room. They did a urine test and blood tests. Also I got a CT scan. I also got my first IV, and now I know how much they hurt. I barely moved my right arm; I’m still having pain. Any way, the doctor didn’t find anything bad, like a cyst or a tumor. I could have a small hernia or a pinched nerve in my back.

So I know some very bad things that I don’t have, but I still don’t know what I have. Before I left they gave me some morphine. We drove back home. I took a shower and climbed in bed. As I tried to go to sleep, I got pain in my chest and upper back. It got better as I stood and if I sat up. I told my dad. He thought it was the meds. I did get to sleep. I slept from before 4 am to 3 pm. I was really tried and it had to be the meds, too. I had a little pain when I woke up, but that’s normal.

The doctor did prescribe me a pain pill, and I’m to go to a gastrointestinal doctor to get checked out.

There is something funny is all this. They had our address from almost 25 years ago. The address where my parents were living when I was born. So think about it. They had records for me since I was born. That’s funny and kinda neat, since I hadn’t been to the hospital since except to be there for my uncle when he had surgery. When the woman asked, it took my dad awhile to realize what address she meant.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Important Update

Well, I have something to report. My dad has decided to take me to the ER. Yes, I know I’m an adult, but I can’t get downtown by myself yet. Also I’m scared. I will be going either tonight or early tomorrow morning.

Thanks in advance for all the well wishes and prayers.

If I’m home tomorrow night, I’ll post, but if I don’t then I’m still at the hospital. I will update you all as soon as I can.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Some Devlepoments After Posting on 9/2/10

After I posted, my dad made me call my cousin for info on a gynaecologist. After I told her everything that was going on, she came up with the same thing I did. Hernia. She recommended that I go to a primary care doctor again and get looked at before I head to the ER. My dad and I are thinking we won’t go back to the office I have gone to twice last month. She mentioned a couple of places and I tried to look them up, but either told me the price, which is important.

I can’t sleep on my left side. I can sleep on my back or right side, with a pillow under my belly. If I try to sleep on my left side it hurts too much.

I don’t know what will happen tomorrow so wish me the best of luck.

Just Another Class Day

In my MCM 100, the head of the department came and talked. Mostly it had nothing to do with me. My major is English Education not Mass Communications. The pain started around 9:30 am. It wasn't too bad. Mostly it was around my belly button and in my lower back on the right side. Also I would say it was on my right side.
I was mostly bored, but he did mention a scholarship I plan to try for. With it I can take classes I want to, but they are not part of my major, thus FAFSA will not pay for them.

After he left we talked about books. My professor didn't cover anything I didn't already know. Oh, I've chosen my topic for my article. I'm going to report on the recent availability of renting textbooks at our campus bookstore. I plan to email the manager with some questions. I'm working on making the email sound and looking very professional. I haven't sent it off yet.

I'm debating buying all of my books. I have to get the books for two out of the three. I'm thinking I'm spending already over $200 for those two. The one for GEO 100 is, I think, $118. I'm thinking of getting all three because just in case something happens and I can't go to classes for awhile for medical reasons, but I don't know how much I'll get back when I sell them back at the end of the semester.

Well in ENG 271, we finished The Iliad. Not much else happened. I then drove home. Grab my fin aid check and deposited it. I then went to wal-mart and got a few things. I was late picking up my brother. When I was pulling out, this old lady was too close and I could barely get out. It took me awhile to get out, all because she wanted my space.

Well after that and picking up brother up not to far from the house. I came in and put everything up. Then I took a shower and went down in the basement to update what I had written for my blog so far.

Then I went back upstairs and laid in bed. I fell asleep and work up a bit before 6 pm. I had taken maybe an hour nap. I cooked my dad and brother their dinner. I wasn’t hungry, as I had just woken up. It takes me awhile after I’ve woken up to be hungry.

The pain came and went. Still mostly around belly button and right lower back. I’m posting earlier than normal because well I don’t think much else will happen.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Photos Of My Belly

This is a photo of my belly looking down. You can see that on the left side it is up higher than on the right.

This is looking up at the same area.


Bump On Belly

I took my brother to school and then ran to wal-mart. I got me some apple juice along with some cranberry juice. I also got us a new thermometer since ours died last night. I came home and started washing clothes. I walked for a while, in my room. The back pain showed up.

I noticed this morning on my lower left belly right under my belly button; it looked like it was sticking out more than on my right. I told my dad about it.

Now I’m worried. What if this is all has been caused because I have a hernia. I don’t know what to do. I’m at a lost. I emailed my aunt with the same info I gave you all. She says it could be a fatty cyst. She told me not worry about it and to continue taking my meds, drinking water, and exercising. But I’m really starting to worry. I don’t know what to do. Yes I know I’ve said it before, but it’s true. The bump isn’t very big and I can see why I didn’t notice it before. There isn’t much of a difference between the two sides, but there is one. And it’s where I have pain at times.

I’m still taking the antibiotics. If nothing gets better, maybe over the weekend, I’ll bring up going and getting the ultrasound. Of course I’ll ask someone in both classes if I’m not there would they please take notes and type them up for me. That way they can email them and I get them sooner. If something big does come up, like I have to have surgery, that’s my big fear, I may need to get the third book, GEO 100, which I didn’t plan to buy.

So please pray and wish me luck. I’m worried and well I guess stressed out.

I didn’t really do anything big today. I try and take it easy on Wednesdays since it’s the day break between classes. Tomorrow I have to write up my essay for ENG 271 and no quotes needed for this one. I typed up and turned in Chapter 2 questions for GEO 100 today.

Well the article is going to be harder than I thought. I thought I could use my blog on getting ready for school, well I can’t. It has to deal with my college. That’s going to be hard, when I only go to campus for two days and I’m pretty much booked. Also I have to have a written idea and why for tomorrow. AHHHH! I haven’t a clue. I could do one on us finally being able to rent books at our bookstore. I don’t know. I posted a help line in one of my spark teams.

Dang. Things are not so simple. I’m getting stressed out cause of school. GEO 100 I’m not so worried about. It’s the other two. It seems after every class in ENG 271 I’ll have to write a one-page essay. So that takes time from writing on my own and I have three projects in MCM 100. One is a recording, but it’s going to have to be written. Also I have a project in GEO 100, but it won’t take me long and it’s not due till the end of the year.

Well I ate supper, no meat. I then pooped. Now I’ve pooped today, this one looked like the D word. Also it was the color caused by my taking Pepto last night. It made me think. What if the d caused last time had been caused by my drinking really nothing of apple juice? I mean I lived on the stuff that week and today I’ve only had apple juice and a bit of cranberry juice. My dad says apple juice makes you go. It could have been the problem all along.

The pain is jumping. It near the bump and then it goes to my right side, but it’s mostly under my belly button and to the left, where the bump is. Of course both my right and left lower back is hurting. Well it moved to the far left as well. I’m writing this as it happens. It now is right under my belly button.

Oh, no more string when I poop. It had to have been the peppers.