Sunday, August 8, 2010

Return To Labyrinth vol. 4


Today I read on a site, I won’t say which one, and found out something that will make all Sarah and Jareth fans, Labyrinth fans, upset. If you haven’t read the manga, good for you. I’m sorry to say this, but THEY DO NOT GET TOGETHER. I know I almost cried. We’ve waited for so long for our happy ending and a man took it away. From what I read, Toby convinces Sarah to not stay with Jareth. What the h@@@? She gives up the man of her dreams and decides to write fantasy book. I’m sorry that does not make sense.

I said a while back. It doesn’t matter what the manga says we, the fans, will write the real ending. Jareth and Sarah 4 ever.

About me: I’m feeling better. I'm taking my meds and do what I’m supposed to. And I don’t have a car. Well, I do. It’s just my dad is trying to fix it. He has until classes start up which is in a week or two. Until next time.

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