Wednesday, August 4, 2010

No Class AND New Blog Idea

Well after I posted yesterday, I slept from 2 to 6:30. I tried to go to sleep almost all night, but I soon gave up. I did pretty good with my goal of no tea, I did have a few cups. I did have a few slips of Dr. Thunder. I watched Julie & Julia again. I’m sending it back today and will get a new movie for the weekend.

So I don’t have to go to class today. There is no reason as all the summer classes that meet on Mondays and Wednesdays had finals on Monday. So I don’t have to leave the house, except to go to the library. I’ve got a good bit of books to pick up today. That’s the only thing I had planned to do today until Dad dropped his list.

We normally clean the house on Saturdays, but things have just gotten a bit out of control so we haven’t been doing it. So he plans to do it today. Well I need to put up my clothes and finish some things in my room. It’s mostly clean, but I need to get rid of some stuff from this last term of school.

I walked for maybe ten minutes this morning. As I walked, I got pain on the outside of my hips. I would also get at times pains around my belly button and my back. I felt a little nauseated, but not too bad. After walking, I cooled down since I was about to go outside in the heat to go to the library.

I got seven books to read. I went to the library and came right back home. I cleaned up my room a bit, and then at about 11 I went to sleep. I had set my alarm clock, but it didn’t wake me. I woke up at about 8:30,with some familiar, but different pains. TOM had arrived. So now I’m feeling those pains instead of the others, I don’t know which I would rather have.

I haven’t decided on the blog about reviews for books, but I’m still thinking about it. I included everything that happened from tonight at 9:30 till midnight in tomorrow's blog. Well good luck.

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