Wednesday, August 11, 2010

County Schools Year Begins

Well the county schools are back in session. And that brings up what I want to talk about today. At our old school, when it came time to register they would send a reminder and some forms for you to fill out. Well at the county school system does not. So when it came time to register my brother for the up coming school year, we didn’t have a clue as to when it was happening. Yes, it was on the website, but it would have been the right thing to do to send a reminder to parents. We all have busy lives, of course my brother was home and had access to the net, but it would have helped us.

They did send a newsletter at the end of the last year, beginning of the summer, with his report card. It did have the dates, but I know my dad. He probably didn’t read it and of course didn’t know. I think that it would have been nice if they had mailed a reminder. I know that everyone is trying to save money and trees, but sometimes people need the little card saying that time to register is coming up.

My dad had to take my brother to school so he could register him before school started.

I’m so glad I’m done with high school. I registered for my classes back in July as soon as I could.

Oh, another note. I can’t believe my little brother is a junior. It feels like yesterday we finally got to bring him home form the NICU. Time flew by. Soon he’ll be started at the same junior college I’m at. So I need to get my but in gear and get out before he’s coming with me to class.


Feeling a bit better. I ate a peach for breakfast. Not much pain. I took my antibiotic at around 7:50 am. I sat at home alone with the dog. And the fish. I can’t check any new books out. I think the computers are still down at the library. So I’m stuck with two books I’ve read and all of my books.

I don’t seem to have diarrhea. I’ve gone twice and looks pretty normal. I’m still having pain, but it comes and goes.

I’ve been wondering if the pain should be gone by now. I only have tomorrow and Friday left to take the pills. I’ve heard that urinary tact infections are hard to get rid of. I did allow myself 2 cups (a glass) of decaf tea. That might have had something to do with it.

I didn’t lie. I do feel better, but I’m getting these pains. They’re same ones as before the meds. I’m still not taking the pain pills. My back pain is mostly gone or if it does show up it’s not too bad.

No new pet as of now. I could get another Betta, but I need to cycle Buddy’s tank first. I plan to do that as soon as I can. Then I might get another tank and cycle that one, too. I’m just torn between getting another Betta or some glofish or something like that.

I’ve got a week till I go back to school. I have to get a new decal for my car since mine has expired. I don’t have any more cash so I can’t get this really neat binder that my brother has. It would make it so easy for class since my backpack is so small. I hope to get one before they are all gone.

Until next time.

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