Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day Two Of Semister

Well I had to deal with the horrible traffic at the high school as I dropped my brother off. I’m not going to go off about it. I went to campus. I did my GEO 100 work. I still need to type it and turn it in. I sat and listen to my MCM 100 professor. He was really boring. He isn’t really teaching yet. Then I ate lunch. I then went and read from a book I got at my local public library of critical essays on The Iliad. I then went to ENG 271. We had to rearrange the room a bit so we could watch her power point. She kept us over a bit. I was thinking of my poor dog at home in the heat.

Anyway, I had thirty minutes still I had to go get my brother from school. I wasted it, but I needed to relax. I played Sims 3.

I recorded what I ate and drink today. I had typed it up, but I lost it some how. I drank mostly water and tea. I had only one 20 oz bottle of Sierra Mist. I didn’t have a Dew.

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