Friday, August 27, 2010

Thinking On A Friday

I know it will sound odd, but I emailed the doctor’s office about my pain. I was already at the computer working on something so it made since. I sent it on the email account that I gave them. When I last went me and my dad forgot to bring our cell phones and either of us knew the house number.

Today I didn’t do much. I watched TV, took a 30 min nap, and washed my clothes. I did play a bit of Sims 3. I tried to take it easy. I only had a bit of tea today, mostly water. I had some Progresso Chicken and wild rice soup, with a grilled cheese and what was left of the crackers, for lunch. I had a shrimp stir-fry for dinner, while my dad and brother had burgers.

I’ve been thinking that yes, the back pain could be caused by “my still present infection” or by carrying my binder around in my backpack. I don’t have any textbooks yet, no fed money yet. So I have a bit trapper keeper binder and two books from my local library for my English class. My backpack was pretty cheap and it has nothing to help support my back. I don’t use it except to take things to and from class. I plan to get a binder that has a strap and I can have on my shoulder, while my backpack carries my books.

I’ll be changing Buddy’s bowl tomorrow. Also to warm me up for the writing on Monday, I’m going to work on chapter 5, which will make my fans really happy. Sorry it’s taken this long, but when you get chapter 5, the AN will explain things.

Until next time.

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