Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Last Day Of Freedom

Well I allowed myself to sleep a bit late, but I still got my brother off to school on time. I came home and walked a bit. Not much there. I’ve finished one of the romances and I’m now reading the book Julie & Julia. I can see the differences between it and the movie already, of course.

I went grocery shopping and got my lunch for tomorrow. I have yet to decide if I am going to keep it in the car, I’ve got a lunchbox, or drag it with me to class. I know I can’t take it to the library, unless I hide it in my backpack.

I got gas, so I have enough for going to campus tomorrow. Today ends my mini really mini summer break. Tomorrow starts the fall term. I’m going to have a busy day and there is a 70% chance of rain. So not going to be fun.

Oh, I found a website a few weeks ago, that you can get free legal audio books. All the books are in the public domain. So you can legally download them.

Since I saw Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, I thought I should read the books. So I got them with this site since they had them.

I’ve got things mostly ready for classes tomorrow. I have a few things left I have to do, but I’ll get them done.

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