Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dear Abby - Women's Clothing

There’s another Dear Abby letter I want to talk about. It has to do with women’s clothing. The link is below.


I have never had any problems finding decent clothing. I’m short so something that might not seem right on a tall or average person looks different on me. I’m only 4’ 10”. So when I get something it falls lower on my body. When I wear what on normal people is short shorts they fit me about mid thigh. So you see I don’t really have the problem, but I can understand it.

Shirts I don’t have a problem. I can always find something that isn’t too revealing. I would suggest that they try Wal-mart. I do have a few shirts that I need a tank top under, but I only wear them in winter and they are for me really dressing. So I don’t wear them much. The only time I have a problem is when a button comes off, then I have to wear a tank top under the shirt, but I don’t mind. I guess it’s cause I’m more worried about the fact I want to hide my belly and not mind that my boobs are showing a little. I don’t go crazy, I am still tasteful covered, but it gets the attention off of my belly.

Of course I live in t-shirts and shorts or jeans, depends on the season.


Well I was really low on gas, so before I took my brother to school we got gas at the closest station we could. I came home, after taking him to school. I watched tv, ate lunch, and went to the library. I’ve got seven books checked out. I have the book Julie & Julia. I mentioned it before when I talked about the movie.

Over the weekend I had a new movie. I had The Bounty Hunter. I watched it and found that the only good thing about the whole movie was Gerry Butler in a towel. I replayed that scene over and over. It was sooooo goood. I found it ironic that in at PG-13 movie he has his shirt off, but in The Ugly Truth, he doesn’t take if off. I know all about 300 so don’t bring it up.

I typed the rest of Chapter 5 up. I now need to finish it. I hope to finish it up before the week is out. So be on the look out.

I didn’t have much pain today. I drank mostly water. I did allow myself a few glasses of decaf tea.

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