Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bump On Belly

I took my brother to school and then ran to wal-mart. I got me some apple juice along with some cranberry juice. I also got us a new thermometer since ours died last night. I came home and started washing clothes. I walked for a while, in my room. The back pain showed up.

I noticed this morning on my lower left belly right under my belly button; it looked like it was sticking out more than on my right. I told my dad about it.

Now I’m worried. What if this is all has been caused because I have a hernia. I don’t know what to do. I’m at a lost. I emailed my aunt with the same info I gave you all. She says it could be a fatty cyst. She told me not worry about it and to continue taking my meds, drinking water, and exercising. But I’m really starting to worry. I don’t know what to do. Yes I know I’ve said it before, but it’s true. The bump isn’t very big and I can see why I didn’t notice it before. There isn’t much of a difference between the two sides, but there is one. And it’s where I have pain at times.

I’m still taking the antibiotics. If nothing gets better, maybe over the weekend, I’ll bring up going and getting the ultrasound. Of course I’ll ask someone in both classes if I’m not there would they please take notes and type them up for me. That way they can email them and I get them sooner. If something big does come up, like I have to have surgery, that’s my big fear, I may need to get the third book, GEO 100, which I didn’t plan to buy.

So please pray and wish me luck. I’m worried and well I guess stressed out.

I didn’t really do anything big today. I try and take it easy on Wednesdays since it’s the day break between classes. Tomorrow I have to write up my essay for ENG 271 and no quotes needed for this one. I typed up and turned in Chapter 2 questions for GEO 100 today.

Well the article is going to be harder than I thought. I thought I could use my blog on getting ready for school, well I can’t. It has to deal with my college. That’s going to be hard, when I only go to campus for two days and I’m pretty much booked. Also I have to have a written idea and why for tomorrow. AHHHH! I haven’t a clue. I could do one on us finally being able to rent books at our bookstore. I don’t know. I posted a help line in one of my spark teams.

Dang. Things are not so simple. I’m getting stressed out cause of school. GEO 100 I’m not so worried about. It’s the other two. It seems after every class in ENG 271 I’ll have to write a one-page essay. So that takes time from writing on my own and I have three projects in MCM 100. One is a recording, but it’s going to have to be written. Also I have a project in GEO 100, but it won’t take me long and it’s not due till the end of the year.

Well I ate supper, no meat. I then pooped. Now I’ve pooped today, this one looked like the D word. Also it was the color caused by my taking Pepto last night. It made me think. What if the d caused last time had been caused by my drinking really nothing of apple juice? I mean I lived on the stuff that week and today I’ve only had apple juice and a bit of cranberry juice. My dad says apple juice makes you go. It could have been the problem all along.

The pain is jumping. It near the bump and then it goes to my right side, but it’s mostly under my belly button and to the left, where the bump is. Of course both my right and left lower back is hurting. Well it moved to the far left as well. I’m writing this as it happens. It now is right under my belly button.

Oh, no more string when I poop. It had to have been the peppers.

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