Sunday, September 19, 2010

From Thursday to Sunday

Well I haven’t posted in the last few days since nothing has really happened.  Not much happened today either, but I figured I would let you all know what’s going on.  I got the bill from St. Vincent’s.  It’s over $2,000.  That doesn’t include the $400 and something bill for the CT scan.  So I have to call and try to set up a payment plan.  Anyway, still having pain, but it’s not bad.  It’s just annoying.

Oh, on Thursday, I took my first test in MCM 100.  It wasn’t too bad.  Also I turned in my article.  I never heard back from the manager so I had to write it without him.  I didn’t lie.  I used information I gained by looking at the bookstore website.  The next project is a recording.  So I have to think about what I’m going to do that on.

Well you all know about ENG 271 so I wont’ say anything there.

Mostly for the last few days I’ve been playing Sims 3.  I’ve started on the questions for Chapter 5 in GEO 100.  Also I’m looking over things for the quiz this week in the class.

I haven’t worked on Persephone since I last updated.  I did finally clean up my room on Saturday, aka yesterday.

Not much else to tell you all.  So hope you have a good week.

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