Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11/10, 9 years later

9 years today.  9 years “since the world stopped turning.”  It’s nine years later and yes there is still a hole in lower Manhattan, but slowly the Freedom tower, or Tower 1, is rising.  We’ve rebuilt the Pentagon, but can we really move on.  We cannot forget what happened that day.  We need to watch the footage day after day so we don’t forget it.  I feel sometimes there are people who want to forget, but we can’t.  We can’t because of the innocent people lost that day.  Those who were just going to work, those who were just flying to go to California, and we can’t forget the children on those planes.  Yes I know some of you may not agree with everything I say, but I have the right to say it.  I’m just saying what I feel and trying not to go too far. 

Allow me to tell you all that day for me.

I was in the gym of my high school, the first bell had just rung, when the first plane it.  I then went to Algebra I.  We didn’t have a TV in the room so we worked on our work, but when I got to World History, I almost cried as watched the towers fall in the replay.

I didn’t see it happen as so many did that day, but I felt it just the same.  I knew someone in high school who lost family that day.  So it did touch me in away.  I still remember listening to “Where Were You As The World Stop Turning?” for the first time.  I cried and I still do.

I know that some people don’t like George W. Bush, but he did say something that was of great comfort.  We all remember his speech on the pile of rumble at Ground Zero on 9/14/01.  So please allow me to quote him.

“I can hear you! I can hear you! The rest of the world hears you! And the people -- and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon!”

I don’t care what party you are.  We must remain strong against those who caused this country a great pain; because we made a promise to those we lost that day.  Four words that we cannot forget.  WE WILL NEVER FORGET

I have included links to the speech and videos I will play today.  Of course I will listen to our National Anthem as I have since 9/11/02.  This how I remember that day.  GOD BLESS THE USA!

Remember this is a day to remember.  It does not matter what party you belong to, we are all Americans and we must all join together to defeat our enemy.


I slept till almost 3 pm again.  The AC seems to be broken, again.  No fever.  I’m having a bit of pain, but nothing too bad.  If it feels like TOM pains then I’ll be worried.  Played SIMS 3, worked on Chapter 4 questions.  Also I worked on Chapter 10.  I’ll try to get it posted tomorrow.  I took Quiz 1 for GEO 100.  I know I missed one question.

That’s really all for today.

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