Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Golden Arrows - Persphone Chapter 11

What are the golden arrows?  Well we all know that Cupid, Eros, used arrows to make others fall in love, well those were the golden arrows.  The lead arrows were used to make hate.  Simple isn’t it.

Jareth’s parents.  I won’t go too far into detail about them.  I plan to cover more about them in the story.  I still don’t have a name for his stepfather yet.  I’m trying to decide on that.  Anyway Volupta was a name for Eros and Psyche’s daughter.  I had a list and chose the one that sounded like someone who would name their son Jareth.  And yes his father name is Greek.  It means honorable.  So that tells you a bit about him.

In this chapter we learned a bit about Jareth’s past.  His mother left him behind because she had become madly in love with someone.  Hmm.  That sounds familiar.  Yes Jareth sees a bit of himself in Toby, but he is really like Sarah.  Both have a parent who doesn’t care about them anymore.  This of course hasn’t happened to me in real life.  Which I have to say makes me lucky.

Well this is chapter 11 and I have 20 planned.  So we now have six days left.

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