Sunday, September 5, 2010

Full Day After ER Visit

Last night when I pooped, it stung. It still looks like I’m getting rid of Pepto. I slept in again, but not as late as yesterday. I had some pain in my belly. It’s still in my left side, but also I had some in a line with my belly button in the middle. The bump is still there, but it doesn’t feel like it has before. My right arm is still sore from the IV. I read a story I copied from to my old mp3 player, which seems to have disappeared from, A'Chomraich, I can’t remember who wrote it. I really liked it and I used an idea from it in my very popular The Return of The Princess.

Any way, I worked on Chapter 6 of Persephone early this morning. I plan to work on it a bit more. Actually I may decide that it’s finished and typed it up tonight. If I do that it will be short, but I feel that it’s the perfect place to stop. I will be nice and tell you all that Jareth does have a timeline in which he has to do something or he’ll lose Sarah forever.

I promise to update if anything major happens. I have yet to decide about classes on Tuesday. I would like to go and get my textbooks. Also I really do think I have a pinched nerve, sometimes when I’m at my computer my hands will go numb and I’m using them. Also at times I’ve had my foot go to sleep and I was just sitting in my chair like normally, but of course this doesn’t not explain the bump on my belly.

Oh, I’ve posted my first reply to a letter on my bunny blog, and also I posted my first recipe. So check it out. Oh, and if you go or are on my main blog and not my spark blog, please leave a comment. I would really like to hear from you all.

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