Thursday, September 23, 2010

The First Day of Fall

Well this morning I made my brother and me bacon and cheese biscuits.  I got a fairly good parking space today.  I’m pretty close to the building I’m in all day.  I went to the library and typed up the two sections of the article for today.  I am already on the 3rd page.  I still have two more to do and one is really long.  I’ve already gone in and looked to see if there was anything I could remove, and not affect the summary of the article so I don’t go over five pages.

K.  I finally have Test 1 and Project 1 back in MCM 100.  I got an 88/100 on Test 1 and a C+ on Project 1.  He really went on about the fact I didn’t have a quote from a bookstore manager.  Not my fault.  I had tried to contact him, but he never replied to my email.  I feel that if you have given out your email, then you should answer it.  Oh, well.  I’ll post the article I wrote maybe tomorrow.  Well now that we have had our first test, my MCM 100 professor has decided to do open book pop quizzes.  I guess it cause so many of us aren’t paying attention to him since he isn’t really doing anything.  Some are reading the book, others are writing notes from the book, and some are doing other classes’ work.
So after class, which was let out early, like 10 minutes or something.  I went to the library and typed up more of my blog, which is above.  I did debate working on the article summary, but I plan to use the time before ENG 271 to study.

K.  In GEO 100, Quiz 2 opens today.  I plan to take it tomorrow.  I have already turned in the Chapter 5 Review Questions.  I need to work on the Class Project. The project is a trip around the world, money is no object.  I have to visit every section of the world that is covered in my book.  I have my theme.  I’m going with locations of movies.  I plan to go from here to New York, New York.  I will of course visit Ground Zero and the Statue of Liberty.  Then I plan to go to Europe, mostly because it was the first area covered.  I plan to go to either Greece or Italy.  These are two places I really want to go.  I am of course half Italian American so it kinda makes sense.  Then I have to go to Russia.  I will say I went to St. Petersburg or whatever it’s called now.  Blame Anastasia, the Fox movie.  Then I have to decide where I go from there.  I can’t remember right now which area is next.  I have a rough outline.  I plan to go to India, Egypt, Australia, Madagascar, Peru, and Thailand.  I was going to do ancient religions or cultures, but that didn’t’ really work.  I could still do it, but the movie idea works a bit better.

You can all tell me what you think.  I will post a bit of it every now and then.  It’s due in December, but I want to be finished with it before I have to start working on my final essay in ENG 271.  I have a good question, who really thinks that someone can write a 3-5 page paper in two days.  I mean I could, but I like to stretch it out so that it’s not too much on me.  I’ll be finished with this one before Monday.  I’m still studying for the Exam on Ancient World.  I have filled out my index card.  I picked things that I know for sure will be on the exam and some things I may have a hard time remembering.  I will of course tell you all how this all goes.

K. So I went to the library orientation my ENG 271 professor made us go to.  I sat through something that I already knew.  Then we went into the library.  I found out that the article that I have so much done for isn’t going to work.  So now I have a new one and I’m going to work on it.

Also I have to take the quiz, which I changed to today instead of tomorrow.

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