Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Sunday With No AC

Pooped twice early this morning.  Everything looked normal in color. 

I slept late again, not good.  AC still seems to be out.  We need a new thermostat and my dad went and got one.  Now the guy that we get to come and check out our system is coming to tomorrow.  I think this is the big one.

Oh, I figured I would live you a link to my recipes blog.  There is only one recipe, but I plan to post others.  I just haven’t written up yet.

I plan to redo my Chicken curry, but I need to make it so I can remember what goes in it.

I know it’s still September, but we’re already coming up with our Christmas lists.  It’s easy for my brother.  For me not so much.  See I don’t really want much.  Now before you go all well that’s nice.  See I would like a laptop for school.  I don’t want one under $500, mainly cause I found one right there that has all I want.  I just know how my family will react to the request.  I really don’t want anything else.  Once they had offered to get me one, but my dad talked them out of it.  Now I would really like one.  I still plan to write my notes, but I can go to the library and I’ll always have a computer and not have to sit and wait for a computer to open up.

Anyway, I posted a blog before this just about my writing of Chapter 10.  I’m doing that for my reading so they can read what’s going on with the stories and not have to if they don’t want to see what’s going with me.  

No real pain today.  A bit in my back, but not too bad.

Well that’s all for today.

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