Sunday, September 12, 2010

Persephone - Chapter 10

Oh, I’m reworking things a bit.  I thought I would explain a bit more about how the Underground was created and why.  It’ll be coming up in a later chapter.  I promise it will help you all understand.  I hope.  I know there is another story on that using the Greek gods are the creators of the Underground, but mine will be a bit different.

I have hinted at a past in event in this chapter.  The idea is to help explain things about the creation of the Underground and everything and also explain why Jareth didn’t want the High King brought up.  It will work wonderfully I hope.

I may go back and rework some of the story to fit into my new story, but it might work as is.  I have to think about it.  Anyway, I plan for there to be 20 chapters at least.  So with Chapter 10 we’re almost there, but of course things can change.  I’ll tell you more of my thinking at a later time.

Now if you would please leave me a comment on what you think about the info given here on the story.

Oh, I’ve yet to decide if I will do a Halloween story this year.  I may do a Christmas one.  It all depends on what’s going on with me.

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