Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Thursday Classes After ER

Well I went to class today.  During my first hour in the library, I typed up all of my ENG 271 notes.  Then during MCM 100, I wrote most of Chapter 8 for Persephone.  Then during my second hour in the library, I finished it and updated the story.  Then in ENG 271 we covered Seneca.  I need to type up the notes and do the journal entry for it.  I came home and played Sims 3 for 30 mins.  Then went and got my brother.  Then came home and played Sims 3 for maybe an hour.  Made tacos, took my shower and came down stairs to type this up.  After posting to my blogs, I will begin typing up my GEO 100 work for the week.  Then I’ll go up to my room and study for the quiz I’ll be taking tomorrow.

The bump I believe is unchanged.  The only pain I had for most of the day was in my left hip.  I took some Tylenol during classes to help with it.  I felt pretty much felt fine except for the few times I had pain.  I have been having pain to the upper left of my belly button a bit lately.  It comes and goes.  I’m really tired and that’s all because of yesterday.  I didn’t get much sleep last night because of the naps.  Well that’s all for now.

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