Thursday, September 2, 2010

Just Another Class Day

In my MCM 100, the head of the department came and talked. Mostly it had nothing to do with me. My major is English Education not Mass Communications. The pain started around 9:30 am. It wasn't too bad. Mostly it was around my belly button and in my lower back on the right side. Also I would say it was on my right side.
I was mostly bored, but he did mention a scholarship I plan to try for. With it I can take classes I want to, but they are not part of my major, thus FAFSA will not pay for them.

After he left we talked about books. My professor didn't cover anything I didn't already know. Oh, I've chosen my topic for my article. I'm going to report on the recent availability of renting textbooks at our campus bookstore. I plan to email the manager with some questions. I'm working on making the email sound and looking very professional. I haven't sent it off yet.

I'm debating buying all of my books. I have to get the books for two out of the three. I'm thinking I'm spending already over $200 for those two. The one for GEO 100 is, I think, $118. I'm thinking of getting all three because just in case something happens and I can't go to classes for awhile for medical reasons, but I don't know how much I'll get back when I sell them back at the end of the semester.

Well in ENG 271, we finished The Iliad. Not much else happened. I then drove home. Grab my fin aid check and deposited it. I then went to wal-mart and got a few things. I was late picking up my brother. When I was pulling out, this old lady was too close and I could barely get out. It took me awhile to get out, all because she wanted my space.

Well after that and picking up brother up not to far from the house. I came in and put everything up. Then I took a shower and went down in the basement to update what I had written for my blog so far.

Then I went back upstairs and laid in bed. I fell asleep and work up a bit before 6 pm. I had taken maybe an hour nap. I cooked my dad and brother their dinner. I wasn’t hungry, as I had just woken up. It takes me awhile after I’ve woken up to be hungry.

The pain came and went. Still mostly around belly button and right lower back. I’m posting earlier than normal because well I don’t think much else will happen.

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