Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I wore my mineral makeup for the first time today. It didn’t feel like I was wearing anything.

I got my textbooks finally. I spent $400 on all three, and I’m renting two of them. I couldn’t find the book for MCM 100 for rent. So after getting my textbooks, I went to the library and read what I needed for MCM 100.
In MCM 100, a few aren’t happy that the professor doesn’t really cover the text. He takes most of the class time talking about news articles that he ends up passing around. I don’t read. Today he talked about a radio program that was on Friday. Well you all know what was going on with me on Friday. Like I was going to listen to a radio show. Then he passed out an ad for a Kindle. Like I was going to look at it. Then he began talking about newspapers.

I did have some pain. It was around the bump, my left side, and my left lower back. It wasn’t too much.

Then I had lunch and went into the library. I read what I needed for ENG 271 and then got on a computer to get notes ready for it. I then started to have a pain in my upper left belly, above my belly button. I took it fairly easy.

We covered The Republic by Plato. I have another entry to do. I plan to do it tomorrow. Also I plan to do my GEO 100 work tomorrow as well.

I got home and relaxed before I went and got my brother. I fixed Chili for dinner. At about 6 pm, I pooped and I’m glad to say that it looked normal. So glad that’s over.

Well that’s all. Oh, wait. I have pictures to show how the bump as gotten smaller.


This Morning

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