Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Weekly Day of Rest 9/8/10

Well, I took my brother to school.  Then I came home.  I watched TV.  Then I did a bad thing.  I let myself sleep off and on till 2.  Then I started on my GEO 100 work.  I got mostly finished.  Then went and got my brother from school.  Then started the green beans for supper.  Played Sims 3 for an hour.  Then cooked the potatoes and chicken for supper.  Then watched TV as I reorganized my new binder, changed purses, and read Seneca.  Then took my shower.  Finally I came down to type this up.  So that’s today in a nutshell.  No real pain today.  The bump really isn’t sore anymore.  I think it’s about the same as yesterday so no photos to post.

Oh, wait.  My aunt called telling me about the episode of Dr. Oz she was watching about back pain.  She repeated that it could be because of my weight.  She said I should watch it.  I then told her that where we live the show had already aired, Dr. Oz comes on at 11 am. for where I live.  I told her about the bump being smaller.  That was really all we talked about.

About the professor in MCM 100, I’m guessing it’s going to be the book.  I have it now.  The cheapest book I got was $50 or so.  The other two were over $100 and there is a good chance they won’t buy back one of them.  One of the girls mentioned that sometimes when we ask a question he goes around it.  He’s so like my THR 120 from over the summer term.  At least this time there will be tests.  Oh, I appeared to not be renting the two books I thought I was.  I paid full price, so I guess I’ll get the money back at the end of term.

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