Friday, September 10, 2010

12 Years Since My Life Changed For The Better

12 years.  12 years of what.

For me it has been 12 years since I became a Backstreet boys' fan.  I can still remember that night.  I watched them perform “Everybody (Backstreet’s back).”  That night I became a fan.  I’ve followed them since then.  I missed them the five years they didn’t have an album.  I was so happy in 2005 when they came out with a new one.  I miss Kevin, but for some reason it doesn’t feel as bad as when Geri left the Spice girls.  Maybe it’s because I had only been a fan of them for a few months and not years, like with BSB.

I know the group isn’t as popular as they once were, but to me they are still important.  Their music helped me through a lot of the hard times.  So thanks guys for everything, of course you may never read this, but that’s ok.  All five of you helped me when I needed it.

I’m quoting Kevin, with this.  He once said this, but I may not have it just right, but it made since to me and still does.  Kevin, sorry if I get it wrong, this is just how I remember it.

“I would rather have people turn to our music versus drugs.”

For me they were my drug.  I would listen to them everyday after school to make me feel better.

I was picked on for a very long time.  I think it finally stopped in eighth grade.  I really didn’t have friends.  I was alone.  I would make sorta friends, but they really only lasted the year.  I had been hurt too many times even back then.  So I didn’t let people get real close to me, I still don’t.  My mother is one of the reasons now.


I took my brother to school.  I came home and walked a bit.  I then checked my emails.  I went on to my online class and asked about the quiz.  Then I worked a bit on Chapter 9 for Persephone.  Then I slept off and on till around 2:30.  I got my brother and worked on Chapter 9 some more.  Cooked supper.  Then worked on the chapter again.  Then came down to the basement and typed up what happened to me today as well as to start typing up Chapter 9.

I’ll try to take Quiz 1 for GEO 100 tomorrow.  I’ll study till then.  I hope to have Chapter 9 up and running tonight.  I need to rework Chapter 8 a bit.  I had a few typos.

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