Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just Another Day of Rest

Well I took my brother to school this morning.  It was in the 40s people.  The 40s in October!  Then I came home.  I brought the dog back in and started my laundry.  I walked a bit and then fell asleep off and on till 1.  Had a lunch of Wild Rice and Chicken soup and grilled cheese.  Then typed up answers to the Mod 6.1 Questions for GEO 100.

I put this in an AN on a chapter of Persephone, but not on my blogs.  I’m on Twitter.  I’m CeleciaLeigh, which is my pen name.  Yeah, I know I’ve caved.  But I really just tweet about what I’m doing.  It’s not much.  It is actually easier in my opinion to just read my blog at the end of the day.  I may just use it to post about what’s going on with the stories.

I had to rework a bit of Chapter 15 today.  I had to make it easy for the readers to understand that it was taking place at sunset.  I’m getting ready to start on the love scene, well Chapter.  This is the big one.  I really only do one pre story if I do it.  I can gladly blame Teresa Medeiros.  She’s my favorite romance author.  Of course I’m following her on Twitter now.  I doubt she’s following me.

Anyway, there are still people picking up kids at the civic center.  So unless a cop comes and tells us to no longer park there, or we get something from the school, I and I think others will still go there.  Of course I’m getting there later so I’m not parked there for too long.

K.  For dinner, I had a chicken breast and two roasted potatoes.  I used olive oil and some rosemary and spices.  I liked it.  I also made, for my dad and brother, mashed potatoes and green beans (I make theirs with bacon and the beans are cooked till mush.  I don’t like it this way.  I like them to still be a bit crunchy.).  My dad didn’t like the food, so he made him some bacon and eggs.  My brother liked everything but the chicken.  Ah.  I can’t please them.  Tomorrow night is Chicken noodle soup.  Hopefully it turns out good.

Well lunch tomorrow is another salad and Capri sun lemonade.  I will have another diet Dew with me.  It’ll probably last all day like the last one.  Well that’s all for today.  Until next time.

Celeica Leigh
Aka Audra

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