Saturday, October 2, 2010

First Saturday of October 2010

Well I slept late.  All because I was having a good dream and I wanted to get back to it.  Anyway, still don’t know about the Exam in ENG 271.  I wrote up my idea for the radio interview and I’ll turn it in at the next class meeting.

I did update Persephone on Thursday.  I felt good about that.  I’m going to try and work on Chapter 13 a bit over the weekend.  I found my article for Article Summary II.  It’s on the “Song of Roland.”  I couldn’t find anything on the one I wanted to do.  :( 

I’ll start working on as we cover the work more.  Hopefully I’ll get my grade on the first one back on Tuesday.  I got my journal back on Thursday.

I did pretty well, except she got on me because of one entry.  She asked that we write what we had learned that day in class.  Well, when we’re covering Ancient History, I know a good bit about this.  So I used that entry to explain that I knew a lot and did not learn anything in class.  So she took two points off just because I told the truth.  Well next time she ask me to give her what I have learned, I’ll tell her what I know.  Then in a few small sentences give a brief summary of what she went over.

About the parking thing.  I think it was only for Friday.  I mean the signs were these clear plastic things with stick on letters.  They weren’t any official street sign.  I had forgotten that on Friday there was going to be a Fall Carnival at the Civic Center.  So I’ve told my brother I would either be there or at where I parked on Friday.

I am working on the Review questions for Module 6.1 in GEO 100.  I really need to get to work on the project.  I’m going to use the hour before MCM 100 when I’m at campus to work on it.  I should be finished with it soon.  

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