Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day of Classes

I woke up at around midnight with belly pain. It went away. I feel better now at 9:09 am. I took some Gas X. I got some sleep.

 No real pain. It did show, but it came and went. Mostly I've been fine. I am hurting once again in my lower right belly. It's the same old pain. Nothing new. I did think it might have something to do with the sub I had yesterday for lunch. I think the last time I had the pain this bad was when I had a sub. Oh, well. Lunch today is a salad. I'll eat it near noon.

My MCM 100 professor has added something to Project II. He wants a written info on who I'm interviewing and what's the subject. I can do it. He wants to know where it took place. Well lets see. At my home using yahoo instant messenger, but I'll say phone.

I just have to get together with her and work on it.

I worked on chapter 15 of my ff.net work. I'm typing it up now. I still need to type up my ENG 271 Notes, but I'll do it on thursday. I worked on my GEO 100 project. I stopped when I said I'm heading to Eygpt. I can't find a flight from St. Petersburg Russia to Cario. I need one, I may just make up a flight. If I get it done on Thursday, then I've up todate on where we are in the chapters.

K. My English Professor has it now where when we get to class we now have a quiz. She wants to be sure we are reading the works. Not much else to report there.

So when I was coming home, the road I come home on was blocked. So I had to turn around and go the other way.

I paid the cable, internet, bill. Then picked up my brother.

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