Monday, June 28, 2010

No Show Professor

I copied this from where I originally posted it.  I just wanted to hear some more thoughts on the subject.

K. So when a professor is not going to show and when said professor has the entire classes email addresses, would it be too hard for the professor to email the class and tell them that he isn't coming into class?

Today I had my first cancelled class and I didn't know it for 30 mins. That's after the class was supost to start. I had been there on campus for an hour. If I didn't have something else I needed to do on campus today, I would be really mad.

I am a little, but not too much. I could have gone later than I did this morning if I had known. We only found out after someone texted him. Yes, this is my second on campus class, but I would have liked to know ahead of time that I didn't need to leave at around 7 am this morning.

I know that a few of the others in the class with me just happened to have a class right after the one we're in. So it wasn't too much of a deal, but for me, who is only taking this class on campus, it is a big deal. If I didn't have to go to campus for the fin aid thing, I would have wasted gas for nothing.

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