Thursday, June 17, 2010

Late Mother and Bunny

I haven't really work on any of my stories.  I have another I am thinking of working on.  I may delete my Labyrinth story.  I don't know.  Oh, I did well on finals.  I do have some news.  My mother is dead.  She died back in April, but I didn't know at the time I last posted.

About me being the only girl in the house.  I lost my beloved pet bunny Oreo Damita this Feb.  I have had her since I was in tenth grade.  So she had been with me through so much.  I still miss her.  I got Buddy because I couldn't stay in my room alone without something there to talk to.  He does come up to the glass when I come near it, which reminds me of her.  I still miss her.  

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