Thursday, November 25, 2010

Why no update this week, and Happy Thanksgiving

For readers of Once Upon A Tweet, I'm sorry that Monday came and you didn't see chapter 4 waiting for you.  I do have the chapter written.  I'll try to get it typed up and send to my beta during the weekend.  So look for it next week.  I have to put school first the last few weeks.  I have a F in one of my classes and I have to work to get it to a C or I'll have to retake it.  I may have to anyway.  I also have an Exam, Article Summary 3, and the final essay for ENG 271.  Then I have to this week type up my article for Project 3 in MCM 100.  I have one last test in that class.  Then I have to work on the Project and study for the final in GEO 100, this is the class with a F.  So I'm going to be busy.  I'll try to get out a short Christmas story to finish up the Halloween story, but well you'll have to wait and see.

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